Like they say, winning is a habit. In a thrilling battle on the football field, Vadodara Warriors emerged triumphant against Surat Strikers.

It was the 12th match of the Gujarat Super League, on the 8th of May.  From the start of the game, both teams displayed unwavering determination to take control of the game. However, it was Vadodara Warriors who drew first blood, with a goal by Manvir Singh in the first half, at the 20-minute mark. 

This early lead set the stage for an intense battle. As the match progressed, tensions soared, and the stakes grew higher. Surat Strikers’ captain Bariam Chun made it an equal game with his first and only goal of the team at 65 minutes. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Vadodara Warriors sealed their victory with a second goal, deep into extra time at 90+2 minutes, courtesy of a penalty kick expertly executed by Manvir Singh once again. He also bagged the title of ‘Player of the Match’ yet again. 

The match showcased not only the prowess of individual players but also the cohesive teamwork. With this hard-fought victory, the Vadodara Warriors made it to the top two teams of the Gujarat Super League.

Number one ab dur nahin! Hausla High Hai.

May 10, 2024

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