Give us a high-five! It was the fifth day of the fifth month when the Vadodara Warriors secured five goals, marking a memorable milestone in their football journey.

The first half of the intense showdown between the Vadodara Warriors and the Ahmedabad Avengers ended in scoring two goals each. With the score tied at halftime, anticipation ran high as fans eagerly awaited the second half.

As the second half commenced, the Vadodara Warriors demonstrated their determination and strategic expertise, pulling ahead with three impressive goals. With each goal, the energy on the field surged, driving the Warriors forward as they relentlessly pursued victory. 

Adding to the remarkable feat was Tagru James’ sensational hat-trick (at 45+2, 75, and 90+1 minutes), elevating the Vadodara Warriors’ performance to new heights. The other two goals were secured by ManvirSingh at 38 and 45+4 minutes each. On the other side, all three goals for Ahmedabad Avengers were by Akshay Mall. 

Led by captain Jenish Rana and fortified by goalkeeper Ranjit Parmar, Vadodara Warriors secured a well-deserved triumph in the thrilling 5-3 battle. As they celebrate this massive win, the team looks ahead with renewed determination and confidence, ready to take on whatever challenges await them on their footballing journey. Watch out – kyunki Vadodara Warriors ka Hausla High Hai!

May 7, 2024

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