11 May

Vadodara Warriors march to the Finals of the Gujarat Super League 2024

In the heart of Gujarat’s football fervour, the Vadodara Warriors have emerged among the top 2, securing their place in the...
10 May

Victorious Vadodara Warriors strike two goals against Surat Strikers

Like they say, winning is a habit. In a thrilling battle on the football field, Vadodara Warriors emerged triumphant against Surat...
07 May

High-Scoring Clash: Vadodara Warriors clinch victory against Ahmedabad Avengers in a 5-3 Battle

Give us a high-five! It was the fifth day of the fifth month when the Vadodara Warriors secured five goals, marking...
06 May

Vadodara Warriors reflect on the tough loss against Saurashtra Spartans

It was the sixth match for Gujarat Super League. Vadodara Warriors were ready to enter the battlefield to fight humid weather...
02 May

First Kick, First Win Vadodara Warriors make a victorious debut

Warriors settle for nothing less than number ONE.  Day One of May. Match number One for the Team. One Goal! One...
26 Apr

Mark your calendars! – GSL 2024 match schedule released

The battleground is set, the warriors are prepared, and the war dates are unveiled!  The Vadodara Warriors are gearing up to...