About The Team

We are Vadodara Warriors. Join a team that believes in the power of unity, determination, and unwavering courage. Experience the essence of the game with our warcry, ‘Hausla High Hai’.

We believe in preparing for the battle; we train tirelessly, honing our skills and sharpening our resolve. Every match, every goal, and every victory allows us to emerge stronger. We face challenges head-on and kick them off in style! We charge forth with courage because defeat is not an option for warriors and surrender is unthinkable. ‘Hausla High Hai’ is our warcry that ignites the fire within each player to fight with all blood and sweat. We are not just a football team; we are an unstoppable force. On the battlefield, we are the conquerors. After all, warriors are made for the battlefield and that is where legends are born! Humara Hausla High Hai and we are sure that our legacy will echo through the ages.

Team Player

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About K AND D Communication Ltd

K and D Communication Ltd. (KDCL) is a renowned name for anyone who has been to trade fairs, conventions, and industrial exhibitions in India. Since 1997, KDCL has organised 100+ national and international exhibitions across the country in different industrial segments. It has been the backbone for fostering growth and development in various spheres, including sports. Known for its commitment to excellence, KDCL extends this ethos to its involvement in sporting ventures within the state. It operates a training academy that caters to tennis and many other sporting disciplines. Through these initiatives, they aim to provide aspiring athletes with the resources and guidance they need to excel in their chosen fields. KDCL was a forerunner in acquiring a team franchise for the Gujarat Super League, the state’s first-ever franchise-based football league. Team Vadodara Warriors will stand as a testament to their unwavering commitment to the cause of promoting sports as a source of nurturing the overall well-being of our communities.

The Squad