Warriors settle for nothing less than number ONE. 

Day One of May.

Match number One for the Team.

One Goal!

One Victory!

Gujarat Super League kicked off and the anticipation reached its peak as the clock struck 9:30 PM on May 1st. The warriors and their fans and followers had geared up for the clash between Gandhinagar Giants and Vadodara Warriors at Transstadia, Ahmedabad. For 90+12 minutes, a total of 102 minutes, every heartbeat resonated with the pulsating rhythm of the game. Our Hausla was High and our spirits unwavering. At the 61st minute, one warrior rose high. Tagru James, with a stroke of brilliance, scored a goal within the first fifteen minutes of the second half. His prowess earned him the coveted ‘Player of the Match’ title. 

Yet, no victory is achieved alone. Behind every triumph stands a pillar of strength and a team with persistent courage. Here, our captain, Jenish Rana, was the leader who steered the team towards victory. Moreover, credit must also be given to the masterminds behind the scenes. Salim Pathan, our coach, and Savio D Costa, the meticulous team manager, ensured that every warrior stood ready to seize the moment. Kudos to Premjit Singh, Krupal Lakhotra, Musamiya Syed, Siddharth Bapodra, Mohmmed Rizwan, Manvir Singh, Dharmesh Parmar, Roshan Baria, and Sumit Sharma for their stellar performance on the battlefield. Here’s also a shoutout to the substitutes Deep Parmar, Param Mansatta, and Umesh Chaubey for their pivotal contributions on the field, and Ranjit Parmar, Sangham Baria, Aftab Manihar, Krushna Bharti, Aftab Abbasi, and Yunus Syed from the sidelines.

A heartfelt note of gratitude to Referee Melvyn Rodriques, Match Commissioner Dinesh M Nair, Assistant Referee 1 Umang Parmar, Assistant Referee 2 Dhaval Rana, and Fourth Official Jarwish Macwan for their unwavering dedication and professionalism in ensuring the integrity and fairness of the match. 

As the dust settles and cheers of victory reverberate, Vadodara Warriors have scripted their place with a single decisive goal. Firsts are always special, and we will remember this win for the rest of the series. The winning streak has just started!

May 2, 2024

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